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Secure and maximise your next funding round through simulation modelling

70% of start-ups don't succeed in raising investment at series A.

As a start-up with physical operations, proving your business to investors is difficult. Small scale demonstrators help, but they are expensive, slow to build, and don't prove how your business will operate at scale. In addition, demonstrators can be hard to design well, and hard to optimise. Your initial concept may not be the most effective approach and will probably need to change.

It is critical to prove your business at scale to investors. Investors that will have gambled on your success at the seed round will expect to see evidence that your product will work at scale in order to invest further. Strong proof leads to investors saying yes, for more money, and for higher valuations. This means your business can grow fast, and you retain more of the ownership.

We can prove your proposition faster, more cost effectively, and at greater scale than you could with physical demonstrators.
We answer the key questions that investors will have for you, with strong evidence to back them up, generated from simulation.

We do this through a programme of:

  • working with you to define how your business operates

  • building a simulation

  • running thousands of simulations for different "what if" cases

  • analysing the results

  • generating visualisations

  • writing investor reports


We work closely with VCs, so we know the sort of information they will want to see, and how they want it framed, to give them the most confidence in your business.


We work alongside you through to landing your next funding round, answering more of your questions as they crop up, and iterating the investor report through feedback from you and your potential investors.

In addition to getting the best funding round, having a simulation / digital twin can help you further optimise your proposition. It can also be used to test your production systems.

Why Choose Us?

Our consultants have modelled, analysed and optimised physical operations at scale for companies such as Ocado and Apian. We have over a decade of experience in this.


We have experience pitching to VCs and have successfully landed multiple funding rounds. We have a network of start-ups and investors which we use to validate your pitch and introduce you to.


Find out more about us and check out our case study on Apian, or get in touch below.

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